Manage or Hide Your Content in Amazon Prime

How to Manage Your Video Content in Amazon Prime

⦁Select Your “Amazon Prime Account” from the drop down menu located at the top right side of your home screen
⦁Scroll down to your “Account Settings”
⦁Press on the “Amazon Household” option
⦁Under household homepage, click on “Manage Your Family Library”
⦁Select whether or not you like to share apps/games, video, audiobooks or eBooks by clicking their Sharing Buttons
⦁Underneath your Family Library, select “Manage your Content and Devices”
⦁Select the show “Instant Video” under the “Content Tab”
⦁Click on “Show Free Time” located under Your Content
⦁Choose from your Instant Videos and select “Add to Free Time”
⦁Choose between videos and “Select a Child” to allow viewing access
⦁Click OK

There is always the option to remove members as needed. If you choose to leave your household, there is a 180 day period where neither adult can add members or join other households. Setup is easy and it is a great perk for Prime members that love to share.

Hide an Order of Amazon Prime

You can hide orders that you are no longer interested in referencing, hide items from immediate view or keep gifts secret if you share an account with your family or with somebody else.
To hide an order
⦁ Go to Your Orders and locate the applicable order
⦁ Select Hide order. Protection Status