Amazon Primevideo History

How to Find Out Amazon Primevideo History

⦁Check in to your Amazon Prime Account
⦁Tap on your account
⦁Find Digital Content & Devices
⦁Select Primevideo Settings
⦁Account & Settings screen opens
⦁Tap on Watch History
⦁View Watch History

Did you accidentally click on a TV show or movie on Amazon Primevideo that you are not interested in? Watched something embarrassing on a shared account and want to get rid of mortifying recommendations?
You can remedy the situation by clearing your Amazon Primevideo history.

How to Delete Amazon Primevideo History on Your Browser

Primevideo stores your watch history to improve your recommendations. So, if a show or movie you dislike has been appearing, it’s time to clear similar entries from your watch history.

⦁Go to the Amazon website and sign into your Amazon Prime account
⦁Hover over ‘Accounts & Lists’ in the top right corner and select Your Primevideo from the dropdown menu
⦁Once you are on the Primevideo page, again in the right corner click on ‘Settings’. You will be redirected to an ‘Account and Settings’ page
⦁Click on the ‘Watch History’ tab and then the ‘View Watch History’ option. All of the movies and TV shows you have recently watched will be there.
⦁To remove a show or movie from your history, simply click on the Hide This link below the title. You can also tick the “I prefer not to use this for recommendations” option. It can be found on the right side of the screen. Unfortunately, there is no way to clear all of your Amazon Primevideo history in one go through your browser. You will have to remove item by item.

An alternative method is to simply remove videos from your Recently Watched section.
1. Press on the small ‘Edit’ button on the main Primevideo page. This will cause an ‘X’ to appear on top of each TV show or movie.
2. Click on the “X” to remove content and then click on “Done” when you’re finished.

How to Delete Search History on The Amazon Primevideo App

The Primevideo app does not have an option that allows you to see or clear your watch history. However, you can still remove your search history.
⦁Open the Primevideo app and sign in to account
⦁Tap the ‘My Stuff’ option on the bottom right corner of the app
⦁Tap on the ‘Settings’ option (the gear icon) at the top right corner.
⦁Click on ‘Clear Video Search History’. Protection Status