Find A Prime Movie Or TV Show to Download

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Download Primevideo

To download Primevideo titles for offline viewing, need a Fire tablet or the Primevideo app for iOS, Android or Windows 10.

Get The Primevideo App

⦁Download the Primevideo app from the “Google Play Store”
⦁Windows 10 users can download the Primevideo app to their PC from the Microsoft Store.

To Download Primevideo Titles

⦁Open the Primevideo app
⦁Find the title want to download.

For Movies,

⦁Select the option to download the title from the detail page.

For TV Shows,

There is an option download the entire season of shows.

To Download Individual Episodes,

⦁Select the download icon on the list of episodes.

Find Your Downloaded Movies or TV Episodes

To Watch Downloaded Primevideos on Your iPhone or iPad,

⦁Tap the Downloads tab in the Primevideo app

To Watch Downloaded Primevideos on Your Fire and Android users,

⦁Tap the left navigation menu
⦁Select Downloads
⦁Then select the TV show or movie for watching.

Start Watching Primevideo

From The Prime Movie or TV Show Page
⦁Tap Watch Now or the play icon to start watching.

Watch Anywhere, Even offline

Whether it’s a road trip, flight, local transport or your everyday commute, now you can watch anywhere and anytime. Protection Status