Download The Primevideos to SD card, External Storage or Hard Drive

How to Download The Primevideos to Your SD Card/External Storage

Follow the steps:
⦁ Go to the menu on Primevideo app
⦁ Tap on Settings located near the bottom of the menu
⦁ Then tap on Stream & Download
⦁ Click on the toggle switch on besides Download Videos to SD Card located near the bottom of the screen

How to Download Amazon Primevideo to Hard Drive

Amazon doesn’t give us the option of directly downloading a primevideo to our hard drive. There is always the option of using a screen recorder like OBS in order to directly capture movies. It’s very time consuming process and it takes quite a bit of effort to set up.

Another way, you can also use an Android emulator to download movies directly from the official app. The only problem with this method is that the primevideos are encrypted. Protection Status