Amazon Primevideo in India

Amazon Primevideo in India

Amazon Primevideo is now available in India. The best movies on Amazon Primevideo in India come from 13 countries, including the US, the UK, India, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Lebanon, South Korea and Spain.

Primevideo offers richer variety among Indian titles with more good choices in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and others.

Suitable Device for Amazon Primevideo in India

In addition to being available via any browser, Primevideo can be accessed using apps for several platforms. These are Android, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Amazon Fire OS, Nvidia Shield devices, Roku and Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips and Panasonic TVs and Blu-ray players.

What Devices are Compatible with Amazon Primevideo in India

In the standard web browser, there are dedicated apps for iOS and Android smartphones, tablets and computer. For iOS you will need to be running iOS 7 or above and for Android users will need Android 4.0 or above. Indian PlayStation members (PS3 and PS4) can install the official Amazon Primevideo app to watch and download the service on their consoles.

If you are an Indian Xbox one owner, you can download the Primevideo app from the Microsoft Store and stream content. Amazon Prime Video is also supported on Apple TV, LG, Sony, Samsung and Panasonic Smart TVs.

Amazon Prime or Netflix Which is Better in India

The major streaming service in India like Netflix, Amazon prime, hotstar, wynk movies and more. Amazon prime is the most cheapest of all. It has a fairly good collection of movies and shows. On the other hand, Netflix is more expensive in India and not provide buck for the bang.

How Much Does Amazon Primevideo Cost in India

Prime Video is included with Amazon Prime. It costs Rs 999/Year annually and Rs 129/Month.
Benefits of Amazon Prime membership

With the Amazon Prime membership, subscribers can get many benefits such as
⦁ Free and fast shipping for eligible purchases
⦁ Streaming of movies, TV shows and music
⦁ Exclusive shopping deals and
⦁ Unlimited reading among other benefits.

Primevideos benefits is a part of Amazon Prime Membership, no need to sign up seperately for Primevideos. A Vodafone Red Postpaid Customer can get Amazon Prime for Rs. 499/ Year. A student can get 6 months trial by updating college ID.

Different Amazon Prime Plans in India

Two different plans are available in India for its subscribers.
⦁ An annual plan that offers all benefits for Rs. 999 per year
⦁ A monthly plan at Rs. 129 per month.

Amazon prime does not require to pay any additional cost to stream HD or 4K content.

Amazon Prime Membership Renewal

Once the subscription is over,
⦁ Renew the same from the Amazon settings page with a click of a button
⦁ Make the respective payment.

Free Trial for Amazon Prime in India

Amazon Prime offers a free trial for a month and does not require any charge during this free trial. After the free trial, you will have to pay for the service either on a monthly or yearly.

Discount on Amazon Prime in India

Occasionally, Amazon Prime subscription will be available at a discount. For instance, there is a youth offer for users willing to take up the Amazon Prime membership. Those who are eligible to get this offer will get a 50% discount on the subscription fee.

India cheapest country to watch Amazon Primevideo, Americans pay the most

A country by country analysis of Amazon Primevideo subscription shows that Indians pay the least for the OTT service while Americans pay the most.

Indians pay just ₹ 129 per month as subscription charges while Americans pay $12.99 monthly for Amazon Primevideo. India is in the cheapest list followed by Japan, Brazil, Australia and Mexico .

In India, Amazon Prime’s annual membership plan comes at a discounted price of ₹ 999 besides a free one month trial. Amazon also offers free Prime subscription as part of bundled offers with Vodafone and Airtel. Amazon Primevideo library consists of close to 2,000 movies and about 400 shows in India .

Already having a rich library of English movies and shows, Amazon is now going to add more regional content in Hindi, Kannada, Bengali and Marathi shows and movies to attract more viewers and take on growing competition in the OTT market.

Get Amazon Prime Yearly Membership in Only Rs 499 in India

⦁ Download Amazon app on your device
⦁ Sign up to the app and tap on “Prime” at the top left
⦁ Tap on the “Youth Offer”
⦁ Click on “Continue to Join a year of Prime at Rs 999”
⦁ Fill in the payment details
⦁ Upload the required documents to verify your age (PAN card, mailing address and a photo)
⦁ Once verified, cash back of Rs 500 will be credited to your Amazon Pay balance account within ten days

Stream Amazon Prime Video on a TV in India

There are several online streaming devices available in Indian market through you can stream Amazon Primevideo’s to your TV.

To watch video, there are many options
⦁ Amazon fire stick (for easy installation and best experience)
⦁ Apple TV
⦁ Google chrome cast with android phone
⦁ Buy a HDMI cable or,
⦁ Buy a Google Chromecast or a Ruko to stream directly to TV

Free Watch Amazon Primevideo in India

Amazon prime is providing one month trial for every user.
⦁ Go to Amazon Prime Free Trial options
⦁ Click on Start button for your free trial
⦁ Follow the on screen instructions if you are prompted
⦁ Cancel your account within 30 days and repeat this with different account to use amazon for free.

Indian College Students Get An Amazon Prime Membership As A Students

⦁ Just need have an .edu email, for getting Amazon Student Prime
⦁ Then go to for signup.
⦁ Try Amazon Student for free for 6 months
If you enjoy it, you can continue and become paid user otherwise just cancel the membership.

Watch Live Matches in India with Amazon Primevideo

It is not possible now but soon, Amazon is working on live sports broadcasting but testing is going on in other countries, sports like NBA live broadcasting and the way the amazon is expanding in India it may soon be a reality, but don’t expect it before the last quarter of 2020.

View Amazon Primevideo History in India

⦁ Go To Primevideo Website
⦁ Click on account & setting
⦁ Click On Watch History

There is A Way Buy Amazon Prime Less Than Rs.1000

Purchase Amazon prime at Rs: 500/-.

One Way:

If you are using vodafone sim and your age is between 18–25, you have to chance here.
⦁ Go to MyVodafone app
⦁ Select the Amazon prime membership at the options
⦁ Then show the payment page and proceed to pay 499/-.

Second Way:

If you are an Airtel postpaid customer, then you are eligible for this offer.
⦁ Go to MyAirtel app
⦁ Check for further details.

Third Way:

If you are using another company sim like idea, etc. Wait for sometime may amazon give special offers to join prime at reasonable price.

Amazon Prime is Worth It in India

Of course it is worth it.

Below are the reasons to subscribe Amazon Prime,
⦁ Latest Bollywood movies available faster than other video streaming websites
⦁ Good original shows
⦁ Additional benefits for prime users if they buy from Amazon website
⦁ Collection of American TV show classics
⦁ Price is way too low compared to Netflix
⦁ Some companies like Airtel offers free 1 years Amazon Prime Subscription on their selected plans. Protection Status